Let us tell you all the ways…


We Use Our Own Technology

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have developed some solid technology as our backbone. Our philosophy has always been to build from what already exists, the baseline, and evolve from there. Together with our vast and highly diversified experience, is what's made our solutions successful.


We Reinvest in Ourselves

We invest time and money in every new program we launch. Each brings new challenges and opportunities to add new capabilities. We commit to deliver fully functional solutions over sustained and long term efforts, continuously enhancing features and capabilities so that our clients attain commercial success.

We Serve Passionately

Our growth approach is not to onboard as many new clients as we can, but rather, given our business model, make our existing clients as successful as they can possibly be.


We Learn Through Collaboration

Our success is mainly due to understanding our clients' needs, which we do through continuous collaboration (i.e. webinars, on-site workshops) to create an ecosystem of learning and best practices. 


We Have a Proven Track Record

We've serviced hundreds of municipalities over the last decade and pride ourselves in delivering extraordinary value to our customers time and again.


We Measure Success

Our systems have built-in dashboards that show a solution’s overall success rate based on specific criteria (i.e. adoption rate, retention rate, etc.).


We Evolve Quickly

100% of our solutions are based on the same technology, which allows our clients to benefit from continuous improvements being made for other clients, all the time, and at no extra cost.

We Go the Distance

Our revenue model is designed so that we are successful only when our customers have proven commercial success from using our solutions. This aligns our interests which is only attainable over long term partnerships. 


We Measure Returns

The bottom line: your return needs to significantly outweigh the time and costs invested in the solution. We guarantee you’ll see an:

  • Increase in efficiency & productivity
  • Increase in customer retention & satisfaction
  • Increase in NEW clients
  • Decrease in operational costs
  • Decrease in claims
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