What's a Smart City

A city/municipality that is taking big strides towards using readily available information to provide guidance on what best plans of action to take next, ultimately to better the lives of its citizens. In doing so, they also improve how they manage their assets and resources.

City.works is designed to save you time and make it easier to manage your every day operations. You'll be able to coordinate large-scale operations or delegate simple tasks with unprecedented ease. The solution will eliminate paperwork, optimize your workflow and maximizes your budget. From the Public Works Director to the Crew Foreman, City.works is an indispensable tool for all employees.

Use technology that employees already use

It will be easy for employees to adopt the City.works solution, as most employees already have smartphones and are quite familiar with downloading and using apps on theirs. It begins with employees receiving their invitation to download the app by SMS. Once downloaded they each create their unique passport account, and in no time will be well on their way to accessing the capabilities of City.works.

Having employees download the app to their own mobile devices, eliminates the need for costly wireless telemetry devices typically required for such a solution. Furthermore, you eliminate the time and expense of installing such devices in each vehicle. By using the mobile's Bluetooth connectivity, you end up lowering the overall technology cost of the solution.

There's no fear of having to spend time and resources to use the City.works app. It's been designed by our team to be intuitive and self-explanatory. Users will find it simple to use and easy to navigate, more so with the aid of tutorial videos included in the app showing them the way. 


Easy to use. Inexpensive to start. Pay as you grow.

City.works is a cloud-based solution, making it exceptionally easy to get started on, and requiring no major testing or extensive deployment initiative. Furthermore, any changes that would be required have no downtime and the cloud solution is continuously evolving at no additional cost. The initial implementation support is offered with personalized one-on-one training sessions, at no extra cost, to make sure that users are getting the best out of the system as soon as possible.

With City.works, there is no risk or long term commitment, our solution is 100% subscription based, with a very low initial subscription cost and no capital expenditures required. We can start small and grow as we prove our value to you, you pay as you grow. Throughout the process, we’ll ask for your input to tailor the features and we’ll provide 24/7 support to ensure you’re getting the appropriate support and make sure the solution is a right fit for your needs.

Even purchasing the subscription is quick and easy, and done right from our pricing page. You’ll avoid the need for Request for Proposal process from the very beginning. If you're insurer is one of our affiliated insurers, you may even qualify to use City.works for FREE. To find out whether or not your insurer is one of our exclusive partners, please contact us at info@city.works.


All inclusive training

We provide the most comprehensive training in the industry by working in collaboration with a dedicated project manager from the municipality, who is designated as the primary internal resource for support and training users, after the initial training and implementation has occurred with the City.works team. This may be more than one person (suggested) from a cross-disciplinary team.

To ensure success, we’ll work together for a great initial Kick-Off with a quick setup and providing the support for rapid user adoption. We’ll do this by dedicating time and resources to train super users and make the overall learning of the software a fun and easy experience. We’ll identify new use cases and implement them accordingly and identify and ensure quick wins & benefits.

The solution itself was designed to be simple to use for anyone; whether the user is tech savvy or not. We want to remove the fear of past failed implementations and support all users of the City.works, providing both online self-service and human support.


No capital expense solution

City.works is the first solution of its kind, with 100% subscription based pricing. There is no long term commitment or upfront costs, no need for costly telematics hardware or ongoing new feature development improvement costs.

Our adaptive pricing is affordable and tailored to your needs and will fit in your discretionary budget and bypass the long complex process of an RFP. Simply choose the package that best fits your needs, upgrade at any time, and instantly experience the value City.works provides.

Our solution is 100% cloud-based & hosted on Amazon Cloud, using municipal employees' smartphones as the mobile operations & navigation solution. It's so easy to start using and users are up & running within minutes. The entire program runs as a very small operating expense, on a monthly basis, without any capital budgeting required.

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Improve service levels & citizen satisfaction

The internet has created the 'always-on' consumer expectation. Municipalities are not immune to this rising expectation. With City.works, it is possible to allow citizens to have access to a variety of 'Self Service' tools such as a portal, real time operations views and twitter integration.

City.works automates complaint resolution by receiving them directly from citizens online through the portal or social media, for a quick turnaround on urgent matters. The online portal will publicly display complaints and the progress of said cases. It allows API integrations to other CRM/Work order solutions.

The portal acts as a central hub of real time and historical data, so you can always reference back to previous cases to know how they are typically handled, and improve processes as need be. Furthermore, having proof of work orders or complaints handles avoids the issue of frivolous E&O lawsuits.


Reduce operation costs & errors

Without clearly documented operational plans, it is next to impossible to measure whether or not your team is being efficient and productive. City.works is designed so that municipalities use only one central system to create digital plans that are then made available to all mobile employees via their smartphones, further eliminating the need for paper-based reporting.

The actual progression of said plans can then be measured in real-time against the initial plan to determine the status and efficacy of work at any stage of its development. This real time information allows managers to spot any issues as they are happening, and redirect resources which may be ahead of schedule to support teams which may be lagging, quickly iterating and improving plans by disseminating information to work crews through their smartphones. Making work and information available to all through their smartphones ensures quick turn around and reduces the need for training as the information crew members would require would be right on their phones.

Overall, the goal is to improve productivity and efficiency to reduce errors and extra costs. City.works does this and provides a solution that employees will want to use because they see the value in adopting one powerful operations management tool.

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Insurance sponsorship

For the last decade, Baseline Telematics has worked with hundreds of municipalities and enabled them to increase their overall operational efficiency. Our latest solution, City.works does this by providing resource allocation planning, employee management, route optimization, work order management, vehicle positioning, as well as facilitate regulatory compliance by leveraging subscription-based and turn-key mobile internet technologies.

We have recently partnered with some of the leading providers of specialized insurance programs offering risk management and claims services to municipalities across North America. Our goal is to work with our partners to provide their municipal and public entity customers with behavioral data, usage and contextual data from vehicles, and data from repair and inspection operations to streamline processes, to increase efficiency and decrease risk and possible liabilities.

Zero Cost - Through these sponsorships, municipalities insured by our partners will benefit from the City.works solution and all its features at no cost, allowing for insurers to mitigate their risk and allowing cities to operate more efficiently.

Save on Insurance Premiums - Through our exclusive partnerships, municipalities will not only benefit from using City.works for free, but they will also be charged insurance premiums that are more in line with their actual risk level. Gone are the archaic days of premiums being based on ambiguous factors like industry statistics, you’ll now be able to save on your insurance premiums if your risk is low.

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