As the Purchasing Manager, your role is to gather information, investigate reliable vendors to serve the needs of the municipal stakeholders, create an RFP, and lastly manage the procurement process of the winning vendor. Essentially your goal is to select the best solution for your municipality from the best provider at the most affordable cost. is the Operational Management Solution that handles everything from beginning to end. No need for multiple tools; is the one turn-key solution that will handle it all.



We understand your responsibility to ensure that is an optimal solution to your needs, so we'll offer the unlimited Metropolis Package for 90-days at the cost of our entry Baseline PackageWe'll provide you with references and testimonials of how has been a huge success in hundreds of municipalities and discuss with your internal stakeholders, to answer their questions and get their input before purchasing. is a turn-key solution, but can be customized during testing to refine requirements as need be.

Our pricing is clear and straightforward, there are no upfront cost or surprise fees. No need for long RFPs or custom contracts, you can complete your purchase online with simple standardized online terms. Want to know more? Check out our Pricing.

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