As the Director of Public Works, we understand the great responsibility your position holds; ensuring the public safety of your citizens by overseeing the services that enable your community to function and managing of the internal departments that make it all possible.

With we turn your city/municipality into a smart city; one that has adopted smart technology solutions to enhance the quality and performance of its services, reducing costs and resource consumption, as well as engaging more effectively and actively with its citizens for the overall betterment of the community.

Ensuring public safety and the satisfaction of your citizens is at the forefront of your priorities. has the ability to manage municipal operations and provide a real-time overview all in one portal.

Adoption of the app by employees will create a more autonomous and more efficient workforce, since all the information they require to do their job is in the palm of their hands. The solution’s capabilities allows for an increase in overall productivity and operational efficiency, improving service levels and community satisfaction.


The portal becomes a central hub of information, live and historical. The data gives you the tools to better plan and budget resources, decrease operational expenses, plan projects, improve overall metrics, facilitate change management and improve processes.


Having an electronic archive with this information allows all departments within the organization access to critical information that can improve workload planning, budgeting, human resources, and even protect in legal matters. You’ll be able to have solid evidence to ensure regulatory compliance (i.e. provincial requirements, unions, service levels, hours of service) are met.

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