Our Philosophy

At the heart of Baseline is the passion to help insurers make better decisions by heading towards digital customer engagement solutions. To achieve great results, we believe you must build atop what already exists, our clients’ baseline systems. Only from there can we evolve and find better ways for insurers to engage with policyholders, which allows them to know their clients, not only their risk but also their needs and expectations, and create better products and solutions to offer them. Read more about why you should partner with us.

A Little History

City.works has had its own baseline system: Simplicity. Simplicity had been serving municipalities for over 7 years and was designed as a solution for municipalities to better plan and manage their snow removal services. It designed optimal routes and kept track of vehicle location, was fairly simple and did the job it was intended to.

However, before Simplicity there was SimpliFi. It was sold by our sister company Operasoft and was used by snow removal contractors to assist them with their winter operations. Whether it was Simplicity or Simplify, our goal has always been the same: to create smart cities. Read more about who are customers are and what successes they've had.

What's a Smart City?

A city that is taking big strides towards using readily available information to provide guidance on what best plans of action to take next, ultimately to better the lives of its citizens. In doing so, they also improve how they manage their assets and resources.

Looking to the Future

In moving towards City.works, our mandate has been to take the lessons learnt in the last decade, the baseline of the solution and make it better. We’ve done this by firstly putting the solution in the hands of its users and making it an app, allowing all employees easy access to the initiative.

We’re very excited about the other revolutionary products we’re building here at Baseline and thanks to the input from our customers and partners, we know we’ll fulfill a huge need in the digital insurance space. We’re on a mission to redefine insurance with smart solutions that are mobile-first, designed by consumer behaviors and expectations, and are far simpler than any traditional solutions out there. Take a look at our Solutions.

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