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We and our clients have a shared passion: to continuously strive to bring exceptional value to our customers and partners by working together to build innovative solutions.

We've worked with hundreds of municipalities across Canada and heavily regulated institutions. Here are just a few:

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A Few Words from Some of Our Clients

City of Pembroke

“The City of Pembroke began using Operasoft GPS systems in November of 2014. We currently have GPS units installed in eight winter control units. The installation is simple and once installed the units are activated in a matter of minutes. The portable tablets are simple to use and work great for daily patrols and for patrols during winter weather events. Having the ability to track the City plow units and sidewalk units as they complete their routes saves time and allows me to make changes quickly as required right from my desk. I know longer guess where my plows are. If a rate payer calls in to inquire about plowing I can provide an answer within seconds.

The City has already saved money in false claims presented for plow damage to parked vehicles. With the GPS systems it is a bullet proof defence to show where and when your plows passed. Most importantly The City of Pembroke has received first rate customer service from Operasoft staff. Any questions and concerns are addressed within minutes and ongoing training is provided through webinar.

The City of Pembroke is very pleased with our GPS system offered through Operasoft.”

– Chris Mantha, Supervisor of Roads and Fleet

ProTurf Management

“Our experience with Operasoft has been inspiring.  The software is web based and that makes it very convenient to access from anywhere.  We are a cutting edge snow removal provider and had been looking for a software that was able to satisfy all our demands.  Operasoft has gone above and beyond.

First, we service 500+ locations and the amount of manpower needed to make sure all of the locations had been serviced on time was impossible.  They provide a GPS feature that allows us to keep track of the drivers and which locations have been serviced.

Secondly, routing drivers to each job was always a time consuming process, especially if a driver was working on someone else’s route.  Just think, if each driver was looking for a location for an extra second every 30 seconds we would be wasting 4 hours each event. They provide tablets and a routing feature that gives turn by turn directions to each location with specific details.

Thirdly, many times when it was snowing hard, we receive calls from residential clients that don’t think their driveway had been serviced.  Now we can verify that the driver has plowed their driveway and even give them the exact time it was completed. With SimpliFi, we can see in a second each drivers’ progress, our overall progress and verify that each location has been serviced at the end of an event.  The software has given us a platform we can grow with, offering competitive rates and providing superior service.

I was very impressed with the remote training we received.  It was over the course of multiple days for an hour or so each time.  This allowed us to learn a little and then experiment with that aspect of the software.  This was extremely effective. We have used other software in the past and most of the time it’s all crammed into one session or full days back to back which does not end well.

Anytime we have had an issue or question with the software, the customer success team has always been quick to respond.  I can’t say enough good things about this company.

It’s the best money we have ever spent, hands down the best!”

– Dave Timmer / Owner / ProTurf Management, LLC

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