Imagine being able to provide your clients more than just insurance, but an operational management tool that streamlines processes making them more efficient, all while reducing your own risk.  



City.works does just that!

City.works is built atop a proven, turn-key and constantly evolving solution. It's the ultimate operational management tool that provides a 360° view of a municipality's operations. It allows them to manage their operations in real-time, optimizing their workflow and maximizing their budget. 

Our success over the last decade has shown that insurers have just as much to gain as their municipal clients from the successful implementation and usage of the City.works solution. City.works has proven time and again to lower liability risks when municipal operations are better planned, better executed and fully documented electronically, thus avoiding litigation and creating better defence if/when it occurs. To find out more about our story and previous successes working with hundreds of municipalities,

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A proven track record to a great ROI

Before making any investment, one must first create a business case that justifies the expense, and shows just how great the return will be, over what time frame and with what degree of certainty.

Our current insurance partners have subsidized the whole or a portion of the cost of the City.works solution for their clients. Why? Because they know that City.works is a one-of-a-kind solution in terms of increasing a municipality’s overall operational efficiency and mitigating their own risk. they've witnessed the return on their investment, first-hand. Based on several easy to measure and tangible metrics which proves the business case of an insurer sponsoring the City.Works solution.


Here are a few of the most important KPIs we use:

  • Increase customer base with new insurance sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retain existing clients
  • Increase net profits
  • Reduce number of claims paid out
  • Reduce legal and litigation fees
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs

Read testimonials from a few of our clients to learn about our previous successes and how you can be one too.


Here’s why City.works will work for you:


Improve Underwriting

Selling insurance programs that are broad and inclusive, while specific to each municipality’s requirements is no easy feat. Sales are crucial to the bottom line of any company, yet being able to price and underwrite profitably has become more and more challenging. Our insurance partners have used City.works as a must have tool to more accurately price municipalities, by using their actual risk level, historical and current.


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Retain Clients & Attract New Ones

An an insurer, you want to be able to continue to offer best-in-class solutions and have healthy profitability through better underwriting. City.works does just that. Get a competitive advantage by selling on value, not price. Underwriters will have the pertinent information they need to properly price products, based on actual data collected directly from the best possible source: your own clients.



Investigate & Defend Claims

City.works provides you with a repertoire of data so that, when claims are made, you are better able to investigate, analyze and defend them. Having documented proof of work done, by whom, at what time provides insurers all the required information they would need to defend claims that are suspicious, and pay those that are valid.


Foster Great Relationships

When you see right away the actual risk of a municipal client, you're able to develop solutions that are personal and adaptive. Since City.Works allows you to distinguish the best risks from the worst, you can focus your energy on developing long-lasting partnerships with clients that share your values.



Geographic exclusivity available

We know that in certain areas, offering limited exclusivity to insurers just makes sense. However, we’ve come to understand that in certain territories it’s more beneficial to work with more insurers, so that all parties get to work in a complementary way together to serve clients. Contact us to find our more about which option could be best for you!


Bridging the gap between insurers & their customers

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve gotten to know and understand what you, as municipal insurers must do to be successful. As an insurer, your goal is to provide municipalities with trusted and sustainable insurance programs that are suited to their complex needs. Working with insurance companies for over 20 years, Baseline understands the challenges insurers face to be successful.

Why work with us ?

We've been successful & think you should be too


Partner with the best

We've provided insurers with  innovative solutions to help delight their policyholders for over two decades. Small enough to innovate quickly, big enough to meet the highly regulated requirements of our Fortune 500 insurance and bancassurance partners around the world.


Do what you do best

Becoming an affiliated insurer requires very little marketing effort or technological backing. We have the technological expertise, you have the insurance expertise. Together we can work together to provide better insurance solutions.


Success based pricing

Our revenue model is designed so that we are only financially successful when our customers have proven commercial success having used our solutions. This aligns our interests for real business benefits, only attainable over long term partnerships. 


High engagement with our insurance partners

We regularly create online webinars, in-person user groups, on-site workshops with our multiple insurance partners, to create an ecosystem of learning and best practices. We also have online communities (forums) reserved exclusively to our partners worldwide.


We're creatively compliant

Creating innovative insurance solutions often comes with important regulatory constraints. For years, we've been very successful at navigating these uncharted waters, meeting and exceeding local consumer privacy and insurance governance standards.


We foster co-creation with our partners

Our customers (Insurers) are part of a community of insurers worldwide which all participate in the usage, and contribution of the continuous improvement of the solution, collaboratively, with our product managers over time.

We have serviced hundreds of municipalities over the last decade with great success and have created partnerships with affiliated insurers to provide our service to their clients. Since 2015, we have worked with leading insurance provider, the Frank Cowan Company. Read about their experience below.


Frank Cowan & Baseline Telematics

Building Smart Cities one municipality at a time


Over the last three and a half years, Frank Cowan Company Limited (FCCL) and Baseline Telematics have worked together in an exclusive partnership to transform municipalities insured by FCCL into Smart Cities; cities that are using our solution to increase their operational efficiency and overall productivity.

In 2015, FCCL purchased licenses of our legacy solution, SimpliCity for over 150 of its municipal clients across the province of Ontario. The original 3 year exclusive agreement was such a success, FCCL and Baseline have agreed on extending for an additional three years and work together to develop and launch the next general of SimpliCity, City.works.

Baseline and FCCL will be working exclusively together in this initiative across Canada, except Quebec, to leverage this new platform, enhancing its risk management service offering through its Municipal and Public Entity Insurance Programs in the market.

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Provide value to your municipal clients

While reducing your exposure to risk

City.works is changing the way municipalities manage their operations; streamlining processes and increasing productivity and efficiency, while proactively reducing your exposure to risk. For over 20 years, we’ve helped businesses do it better, faster and with less risk. We're looking for insurance partners like you. Kindly, fill out the adjoining form and we’ll be happy to show you all the ways CIty.works can serve you and your clients.

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