As a driver/operator we know that you don’t always work in the easiest conditions; harsh weather, long hours, driving and using heavy machinery. We’d like to help! will quickly become an indispensable tool for your daily work tasks. Processes and tasks that were once tedious and time consuming are no more. We’ve streamlined functions to allow you to focus on what’s important, efficiently performing your required work duties. eliminates the need for paperwork, from the convenience of your very own smartphone, you will be able to manage your workload assignments in real-time. Even manual timesheets will be done away with. Your days will begin with punching In through the app, selecting On break when you’re away, and Out at the end of the day. 

Even work orders will be sent electronically, with complete and clear directives in real-time, avoiding any confusion and unnecessary stress so you can meet quality expectations. Reporting is also done electronically, allowing you to accept/decline work orders, indicate when complete, and provide necessary documentation for proof of work performed.




The route navigation is a navigation system which comes in handy when working in unfamiliar areas, as it provides you with turn-by-turn directions of the route. The live map view it shows you layers of information in real-time, like colleagues, work orders, hazards and assets in your vicinity.





Crew members can easily record hazards they observe while out in the field, by uploading a photo of the observation and some information, which is automatically documented in the system and a work order is created for quick turnarounds of such issues.

For an added bonus, the app works as an instant messenger. Now you can easily communicate with colleagues without the distraction and annoyance of radio chatter

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