As a crew foreman, you wear many hats and each carries heavy responsibility. Your daily tasks are wide-ranging and diverse; you need to be leader to your crew but remain flexible to troubleshoot the inevitable surprise events that arise. Tools that can streamline your processes to get the job done quicker, easier and without error is what you need. abolishes almost all paper trails; from time and attendance to work orders, paper forms that could be easily lost or incomplete, become digital records that can be referenced back to and viewed at your fingertips. For example, its time and attendance capabilities allow your crew members to punch-in and out from the app. You’ll know exactly where they are in real time; whether they are In, Out, or On Break, what route they're on, their exact location on the map, and what work order is in progress. provides total transparency on operational status updates, so you know what’s done and what’s left to-do.  




With, you can easily create work orders and dispatch them digitally to your crew members in the field. They can then accept/decline, start, and complete the assigned work. It comes in handy for responding to urgent matters. In essence, we’ve done away with paper reporting. Best practice route patrols that are provincially mandated on a periodic basis, are dispatched to crew members, ensuring compliance requirements and documenting proof of it.


By having an electronic archive of this information, all the departments within your organization can finally have access to critical information at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger. By sharing and making this critical information so easily across the board, you're helping improve workload planning, budgeting, human resources, and legal matters.

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