What is City.works?

City.works is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind tool that is overhauling the way municipalities manage their operations.

Its capabilities are wide-ranging and diverse and provides extraordinary value in way of streamlining processes, increasing productivity, reducing liability and managing of staff.



Introducing the City.works App

The app of all apps that will quickly become an indispensable tool for your everyday work tasks. We've put efficiency right in the palm of your hand, so that every member within your municipality will be more productive in their individual roles, and consequently create a more efficient city collectively, benefiting each and every citizen.

Never before has a solution been able to do so much and delivered in such a small and convenient package, your smartphone. 

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Introducing the City.works Portal

 The one and only system you'll need to manage your operations in real-time. The City.works portal is an online portal that provides a unparalleled 360° view of your municipality's operations, and the possibility of optimizing your workflow while maximizing your budget.

Delivered 100% online, the portal is accessible from anywhere and requires no expensive installations or deployments. In little time, City.works can be implemented for your municipality, and you'll be well on your way to becoming more productive and efficient for all your citizens.

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Operation Optimization Made Easy with City.works


Route Navigation

Know where to go and what to do next.


Vehicle Tracking

Record GPS positioning of your fleet.


Weather Verification

Keep track of all weather verification actions.


Time and Attendance

Punch in and out from anywhere through the app.

Artboard 8-1


See who is working and their mapped location.


Live Map

See layers of information in real time.


Online Reporting

See live and historical performance data.


Co-Pilot Telemetry

Measure salt rate & plow position with optional telemetry device.


Road Safety

Encourage & enforce safe driving practices.


Road Patrols

Record and document assessments.



Report anomalies with pictures and map positioning.


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Work orders, assets, inspections, messaging and more.

Our Roadmap

Q4 - 2018
  • Route Navigation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Colleagues
  • Weather Verification
  • Time & Attendance
  • Live Map
  • Online Reporting
  • Road Patrols
  • Road Safety



Current Development

Q1 - 2019
  • Co-pilot telemetry
  • Observations
Q2 - 2019
  • Work Orders
  • Assets
  • Inspections
  • Messaging
Q3 - 2019

Coming Soon!


City.works allows you to manage everything in real time, all the time.

Reduce Claims

City.works makes it easy to remain compliant with the Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) and keep clear records of all operations. Do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to, while having a log of all work completed with respect to MMS, making possible claims easier to defend/settle.

Optimize Operations

Optimize your operations with City.works in a snap. Users easily and quickly can create routes simply by driving them, providing optimized paths for others to follow. The system allows you to properly plan your operations to be as efficient as possible, reducing fuel, salt and labor costs.


Improve Service Levels

Give your employees the power to do their jobs more efficiently. City.works allows public works employees real-time access to create, view, plan, prioritize and update their work from their smartphones, thus being more productive in their individual roles and collectively improving service levels.


Let's Get Started

Efficiency in the palm of your hand

Let us show you the power of our solutions, in action. 

City.works is changing the way municipalities manage their operations. We’ve helped businesses do it better, faster and with less risk for over 20 years. Would you like to see a demo of City.works? Fill out the adjoining form and we’ll to happy to show you all the ways City.works will create efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

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