What is City.works?

City.works is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind tool that is overhauling the way municipalities manage their operations.

Its capabilities are wide-ranging and diverse and provides extraordinary value in way of streamlining processes, increasing productivity, reducing liability and managing of staff.



Introducing the City.works App

The app of all apps that will quickly become an indispensable tool for your everyday work tasks. We've put efficiency right in the palm of your hand, so that every member within your municipality will be more productive in their individual roles, and consequently create a more efficient city collectively, benefiting each and every citizen.

Never before has a solution been able to do so much and delivered in such a small and convenient package, your smartphone. 

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Operation Optimization Made Easy with City.works




1. Time and Attendance

Allows users to clock in and clock out, tracking their hours. See whose on the job at any given time.


2. Vehicle Tracking

Manage your fleet of vehicles such as their usage, maintenance and utilization.


3. Colleagues

Coordinate activities with your co-workers, allowing adapting to unplanned situations that may arise.


4. Live Map

Live maps that allow you to see who's working and where, in real time.


5. My trips

Where you can view past trips and even driving safety scores.


6. Workplace

Where you can set objectives and measure a worker's progress in real time.

City.works keeps your operations perfectly efficient.


Road Safety

Encourage & enforce safe driving practices.


Online Reporting

See live and historical performance data.


Coming Soon

Work orders, assets, inspections, messaging and more.

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City.works allows you to manage everything in real time, all the time.

Improve Service Levels

Give your employees the power to do their jobs more efficiently. City.works allows public works employees real-time access to create, view, plan, prioritize and update their work from their smartphones, thus being more productive in their individual roles and collectively improving service levels.

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Efficiency in the palm of your hand

Let us show you the power of our solutions, in action.

City.works is changing the way municipalities manage their operations. We’ve helped businesses do it better, faster and with less risk for over 20 years. Would you like to see a demo of City.works? Fill out the adjoining form and we’ll to happy to show you all the ways City.works will create efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

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